We seek insurance solutions for private commercial aviation companies that provide executive transportation services.
We also offer our clients a portfolio of insurance products to cover liability inside and outside their country, to fulfill their obligations with state agencies of the aeronautical sector and to face the risks related to the operation of all kinds of aircraft.

With years of experience in the aviation industry, we have access to a worldwide community of underwriters in order to implement different types of insurance programs.

  • General Liability
  • Legal Liability for Passengers
  • Physical Damage to the Aircraft (fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft)
  • Spare parts and Repairs
  • War
  • Cargo and Baggage
  • Medical Expenses for Passengers and Crew
  • Liability with Extended Coverage (war and other risks)
  • Hangar Keepers
  • Airport Liabilities
  • Bank Interest Rate
  • Leasing of Engines and Parts